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by climbingrocks


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I’m singin’ on the trail, just singin’ on the trail. Compared to a grizz-ly, I’m tiny and frail. Don’t want to surprise – those big hairy guys, I’m singin’, just singin’ on the trail. I’m packin’ in and out, just packin’ in and out. The rule, without a doubt is - don’t spread your trash about. If you’re on a hike, or even a bike, At Glacier, just pack it in and out. Take water on the trip, take more than just a drip. The humi-dity is low here, you’ll need - several sips! De-hy-drate and cramp – if you don’t stay damp, Take water, more water on the trip! Take along a friend, just take along a friend. Be sure - to pick some-one on whom – you can depend. If something goes wrong – you’ll be twice as strong. Think ‘safety,’ and take along a friend.

Welcome Adventure-Seekers

Reroute is a map service that’s all about the journey.
We’ll take you off the beaten track and avoid any road that begins with “I”. Routes can be customized based on different experiences, whether it’s scenic views, historic landmarks, or quiet small towns.

When you’re done, don’t forget to share where you’ve been and be inspired by other people’s experiences.
Happy mapping!


the Reroute Team

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